Welcome to the PALS Pre-School and Kids Co Registration and Payment Website

The Athletics & Activities Registration Site Has Moved

This website for Athletics & Activities  has been updated to a new mobile friendly site.  Click Here to be re-directed to the new registration website

How to Login into Your Student's Account

We have already created a Student Account Profile for you. Use the Forgotten Password link to retrieve your login credentials during the registration process or you can Login now by selecting the My Account menu link above. Remember to return to the Home page to start the registration process after you Login. 

User ID = Student ID number

Password =  your students Date of Birth converted as follows: e.g. 8/11/1995 has been converted to a password of 81195; 05/22/2000 converted to 52200; 12/09/1998 has been converted to 120998.  

Remember to change your Password once you login to the system as a first time visitor to this site. If you can not retrieve your Student Account information by using the Forgotten Password function or information above, please contact the activities department so they can create an account for your student.